Asteroid Apophis: “God of Chaos” will come very close to Earth

According to calculations, the asteroid Apophis should strike Earth in 2029. The risk has been eliminated – but the asteroid comes very close. 

His name does not bode well: Apophis, god of chaos. This is the name of the asteroid (2004 MN4), which was discovered by astronomers at the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona in June 2004. In Egyptian mythology, Apophis is the god of chaos and darkness. And for a short time, there was a real fear that asteroid Apophis could cause chaos on Earth: after its discovery, it was calculated that the asteroid was 2.7 percent more likely to collide with Earth in 2029.

But the concern was unfounded: shortly after the calculation, Asteroid Apophis was discovered on older images and the path could be calculated more precisely. It turned out that a collision with the earth in 2029 is impossible, in the following period an impact on the earth in 2036 was also excluded.

Asteroid Apophis does not hit Earth – but there was a danger

Apophis is approximately 370 meters in diameter, an impact of the asteroid on Earth would have released an energy of around 900 megatons – 18 times the largest man-made nuclear explosion. The impact this would have on Earth depends heavily on the location and angle at which the celestial body strikes.