Author on Melania Trump: Belongs to “the least liked modern First Ladies”

The First Lady, the wife of the incumbent president, is an important task in the United States. While women have no political responsibility, they are under the watchful eye of the public and the media. Pat Nixon, wife of 37th US President Richard Nixon, once described it as the toughest unpaid job in the world. 

Of course, Melania Trump has been in the public eye since the inauguration of her husband Donald Trump. Inevitably, she has to expose herself to her predecessor Michelle Obama.

A book entitled “Melania & Michelle: First Ladies in a New Era” has now dealt extensively with the two. It is from the American communication scientist Tammy Vigil. The author comes to a clear conclusion: The two women in this unofficial office have nothing in common. Only the fact that they are in this position in the age of social media is therefore the connecting element. 

Michelle Obama: Career was straightforward and purposeful

Standing in the crossfire of users from the social networks, means at the same time: No matter what makes the First Lady, on Twitter, Facebook and Co., there is always someone who hates them for it.

The life of Michelle Obama outlines the author as straightforward and purposeful. “Obama made sacrifices, such as a three-hour bus ride to get to an elite school,” says the book of Assistant Professor of Political Communication at the University of Boston. Through her work as a lawyer, she had previously been used to debating, arguing, and negotiating, preparing her for the First Lady job. 

Melanie Trump is not well received by the citizens

Melania Trump was previously a model. “She has changed her name to increase her modeling opportunities and has left college in favor of her career opportunities.” The author also finds that Trump acts like a trophy woman, enjoying the merits of a marriage with a “wealthy older man “enjoy. Trump had no experience in the political arena until her husband’s candidacy for the presidency. That’s why it’s not surprising that during the election campaign she appeared rather calm and showed herself in the typical role of a model.

While Michelle Obama is the woman most admired by Americans last year, Melania Trump did not fare well with her husband’s election in 2016. “Melania Trump had better values ​​than her husband, but is still among the least favored modern First Ladies.”