Bad accident with Prince William and Duchess Kate: wife seriously injured

A ceremony at Windsor Castle was overshadowed on Monday by a sad event. While Prince William and Duchess Kate drove with the carriage, a police convoy previously secured the road. An 83-year-old was hit by a police motorcycle – probably even because this was on the wrong side of the road, as dailymail reported.

How exactly it came to the accident, however, is still unclear, a witness described only: “A lady was on the road, paramedics took care of the woman, and a police motorcycle was on the road.” The daughter of 83-year-olds revealed how her mother is now: “She has many injuries. They’re keeping her stable at the hospital right now. “She seems to have broken her hip, among other things.

Prince William and Duchess Kate learned of the accident later

William and Kate were probably not directly involved in the accident, but were later informed about the tragic incident. Prince William then directly proposed to drive to the injured person to the hospital. Although they performed the ceremony as professionally as usual, the royal couple had been very worried. As soon as the injured elderly woman gets better, Kate and William want to visit her. Until then, they sent flowers and kept in touch. 

Prince William and Duchess Kate send injured elderly woman recovery wishes and flowers

The Kensington Palace issued a statement in the evening quoting dailymail as follows: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were deeply disturbed and sad about the Monday afternoon accident. Her Royal Highnesses have sent their best wishes to Irene and her family and will stay in touch throughout the recovery process. “