Caitlyn Jenner was wrong about Trump

TV celebrity Caitlyn Jenner no longer believes in US President Donald Trump’s support for lesbi@n, g@y and trans human interests.

It was a mistake to believe that Trump would protect the LGBTQ community of lesbi@n, g@y, bise@ual, and transg@nder people, Jenner wrote in a commentary in The Washington Post.

“Unfortunately, I was wrong. The reality is that the Trans-Community is relentlessly attacked by this president, “wrote the 68-year-old, who has long been one of the president’s prominent advocates. Transg@nder refers to people who do not – or not only – identify with the gender that was recorded at birth.

“He (Trump) ignored our humanity. He insulted our dignity, “she wrote. Jenner was 1976 Bruce Olympic champion in the decathlon and lives since 2015 as a woman. So far, Jenner had merely admitted that Trump had “made some mistakes” regarding the rights of LGBT persons. She did not regret having chosen him.

In terms of content, Jenner referred to a report in the New York Times that Trump’s government was planning to define a person’s gender exclusively biologically. The report refers to a leaked proposal.