China rejects charges of phone spying against Trump

China has rejected the allegation of telephone espionage against US President Donald Trump. A “New York Times” report that despite warnings Trump often use his unsecured iPhone and listened to him interrogate China and Russia, the Beijing Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying “wrong”.

“Anyone who is worried that his Apple iPhone is being tapped can use a Huawei phone,” joked the spokeswoman, referring to the Chinese smartphone maker.

Out of frustration with the US president, US New York Times officials said Trump used his iPhones to talk to friends, even though they were not sure. The fact that China and Russia regularly consulted him revealed that American counter-intelligence was a source of interference in other governments and the interception of communications between foreign government officials, the paper said.

Trump has been repeatedly asked to use secure landlines more often, but the US president refuses to give up his iPhones. The president has two iPhones, which have already been changed by the National Security Agency so that are not so easily attacked. But Trump also uses a third personal iPhone that is like millions of others.