Dying mother writes heartbreaking greetings to little son in the future

Tyla L. is only 22 years old and has an incurable brain tumor. For her son, she writes birthday cards for the future – heartbreaking!

The doctors do not give Tyla L. much time. The 22-year-old from Scotland is suffering from an incurable malignant brain tumor. Surgery, chemo and radiotherapy could not completely destroy the cancer.

Their brain tumor is a so-called grade 4 glioblastoma – a malignant, especially fast-growing brain tumor. The World Health Organization (WHO) has assigned grade 4, the highest severity, to this brain tumor.

Shortly before birth, the brain tumor is discovered in the mother

Before the birth of her son, the tumor was discovered in the 22-year-old mother. Two months after giving birth in February 2018, physicians noted that the brain tumor is a malicious one, according to the British “The Sun” .

Despite this diagnosis Tyla shows fighting spirit. On her Instagram account called  tylaslifewithgbm , the 22-year-old lets her fans share in her life as a mom with the deadly brain tumor. She posts cute photos of her son Preston, but also of her scars.

Tyla claims to enjoy every day in her life. Especially the young mom suffers from the fact that her son will grow up without his mother. Despite everything, she wants to stay positive.    

“I want to make the most of my time with Preston”

“I just want to make the most of my time with Preston. He is a mischievous little boy who is so funny. He does not understand that I’m sick, “says Tyla L. to The Sun.

So that her little one later remembers his mother, she has come up with something very special. She writes him birthday cards, which he can open when she is dead. In addition, Tyla collects a few things, such as a strand of hair and her radiotherapy protective mask for her son. 

“He needs to know just how desperately fought his mum has to stay alive, that they are very loves him and not let him just wanted to leave,” said Tyla in  “The Sun” .