Former houseboat by Tom Hanks is for sale

A houseboat, on which Oscar winner Tom Hanks (62, “Forrest Gump”) lived in the 1970s, is for sale in Northern California. A whopping $ 600,000 (over half a million euros) is to be paid by the future owner for the small, two-storey two-bedroom houseboat.

The housing ship, built in 1973 and located in the port of Alameda near San Francisco, once belonged to Hanks’ father Amon Hanks, the broker website states.

“It’s true,” commented Tom Hanks on Wednesday, a report from “” about the property. He lived on the houseboat from 1973 to 1976 with his father and stepmother Frances. Hanks was a teenager then and went to school in neighboring Oakland. After the separation of his parents when he was four years old, Hanks lived with his father, who remarried after a few years.

The Oscar winner was last seen alongside Meryl Streep in the drama “Die Verlegerin” in the cinema.