Immediate Danger to the Country: New Revelations About Trump

Donald Trump amazes the world with many decisions. What the US President is doing behind the scenes is now revealed in a new disclosure book .

When the content itself is devoured, the reader may well wish for many times, even here it is only pure irony. But the two authors refer to statements by numerous companions that Trump has gotten rid of in the past months and years. The excerpts published by Spiegel in advance inevitably lead to the one big question: How can someone take such a central and immensely important position?

According to the news magazine, a top employee from the national security apparatus described Trump as ” long-term and immediate danger to the country “, and he was also dubbed “dangerously uninformed” or “self-centered”. An ex-employee is said to have determined that the 73-year-old had destroyed the “magic (of the US President’s Office). With his contempt for the foundations of our country and its principles. With his disregard for right and wrong . “

Donald Trump: I have no idea about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

This episode revealed how little Trump seems to know about the history of his home country. When visiting the memorial on Pearl Harbor , the most powerful man in the world is said to have asked his then chief of staff, John Kelly: “What is this about? What are we visiting? ”He seemed to have no idea about the attack of the Japanese combat bombers on the US troops stationed there in 1941. After all, this led to the USA’s entry into World War II .

His geographical knowledge also leaves something to be desired. For example, he rightly countered Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s advice on China’s aggressive behavior: “It is not as if China is right at your border.” It is not surprising that diplomatic relations between India and the US have cooled noticeably since Trump’s statement.