Iraq wants to mediate in the dispute between Iran and the United States

In the crisis between Iran and the US, Iraq has offered itself as an intermediary. His country will play a crucial role in reducing tensions between Tehran and Washington.

This was stated by Iraq’s parliamentary president Mohammed al-Halussi after a meeting with Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Sarif.¬†An escalation in the region must be prevented.

Iraq’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali Al-Hakim called for more dialogue between the conflicting parties. The US-imposed sanctions against Iran described the Iraqi politician as “not useful”. Iran’s Foreign Minister Sarif spent two days in Baghdad in Iraq.

The crisis between Washington and Tehran has been escalating for months. One year ago, US President Donald Trump unilaterally dropped out of the nuclear deal with Iran. As a result, US economic sanctions came into force again, putting Iran under massive pressure. The US accuses the leadership in Tehran of fueling conflicts in the region and supporting terrorism. On Friday, the United States announced that it would send another 1,500 troops to the Middle East. Sarif stressed on Sunday that his country did not want a military escalation.