Mark Wahlberg on new diet for months for the upcoming thriller movie “Mile 22”

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg has been dieting for months for the thriller “Mile 22”. The action scenes were not a problem for him, said the 47-year-old the “South Courier”. “What was the real challenge for me was my weight.”

Because director Peter Berg wanted him “thinner and more trained”. Wahlberg: “So I was on a strict diet for five months and did not drink alcohol. During the filming Pete wanted to persuade me constantly to wine and food. But even in the last few meters, I have stood firm. “He does not hit the strings anyway, since he was a father. “You have to grow up, right?”

In “Mile 22” (theatrical release: September 13), Wahlberg has to escort an informant as a super-agent – defeating some of Asia’s toughest killers.