Melania Trump comments on her marriage – with ambiguous confession

Again and again there are rumors of a marriage crisis between Melania and Donald Trump. She refuses him holding hands , goes alone traveling and the oddest rumor: She should have a doppelganger. But now the First Lady made her first statement with a statement about her future with the President of the United States, as the American news channel WKYT reports.

In a re-election of Trump Melania wants to continue to stand by his side

Melania Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, Karen Pence, are traveling through America, visiting schools and families of military personnel. During a stopover at a middle school in North Carolina, the two women took the questions of the students. One of them wanted to know from the First Lady if she would stay with him for another four years with a re-election of Trump. She answered curtly, “I love what I do.” Well, I love what I do. 

Later, she added that her men do a great job and that it is a privilege and a great honor to serve as First Lady. Karen Pence would also stand next to her husband for another four years, re-election. 

Will Melania Trump stay on Donald’s side even in defeat?

No information gave Melania, however, to the state of marriage with Donald Trump. So does she just want to keep the office of first lady, or does she confirm with her statement that unity reigns in the house of Trump?

What is Melania Trump doing when Donald has to work? So she gave up the time when her husband was at the NATO summit last year.  On the funeral for ex-president George Bush senior , the Trumps were rather negative.