Michelle Hunziker takes care of her own children

Television presenter Michelle Hunziker takes care of her children, despite her exhausting job.

“I know, I work a lot. But the station where I work in Italy is only two kilometers from my house. Therefore, I am fortunate enough to be able to bring the children to school and pick them up again, “the 41-year-old revealed on Thursday at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

At four o’clock she will drive back to the editorial office. “Then I have my live broadcast – every night. But like other mommies, I can handle it, “said the singer and entertainer (” DSDS “,” Wetten, dass ..? “). “But with a 21-year-old, a five-year-old, a three-year-old, two dogs and a man, it’s already …”, she joked and did not finish the sentence.

In the Swiss “Tages-Anzeiger” (Thursday edition), Hunziker also criticized successful actresses who come out in the course of the #Metoo movement as victims of sexual abuse. “I do not understand some of these women. Not all are always victims, “said the 41-year-old leaf. She was herself under pressure as a 17-year-old model agent. He told her he could bring her out when she slept with him. She said no.

Hunziker presented her book “A seemingly perfect life” (Bastei Lübbe) at the world’s largest book show in Frankfurt. In it she describes, among other things, how she fell into the clutches of a sect in the early 20s and broke her marriage to the singer Eros Ramazzotti. The ex-model is married to the Italian entrepreneur Tomaso Trussardi.