NASA discovers “second earth” in the universe – it is relatively close to us

A new planet that is the size of the Earth and is considered potentially habitable: This incredible discovery has now been made by a NASA research satellite. 

  • A NASA research satellite made an exciting discovery.
  • A possibly habitable planet has been discovered outside of our solar system.
  • The planet is referred to as a potential second earth.

Are there other habitable planets outside of our solar system ? What sounded long after science fiction, is not as unrealistic at a time: The research satellite Tess of NASA has encountered a planet According to experts, is considered to be potentially habitable and about the size of Earth corresponds.

NASA discovery: Second Earth spotted with a space telescope – it is relatively close

This news was announced by NASA at the 235th Assembly of the American Astronomical Society in Honolulu. The discovered exoplanet is called ” TOI 700 d “. As CNN  reports, it is 40 percent the mass and size of the sun. According to NASA, “TOI 700 d” is at the right distance from a star in order to potentially form water on the surface. 

For astronomers, discovery is a big step – it is the first possible second earth that is the size of our planet. In addition, the rediscovery of the earth is relatively close, according to the US space agency . We’re talking about a hundred light years away, according to CNN .