North Korea speaks of failure of nuclear talks with the United States

The latest round of nuclear talks between North Korea and the United States has failed.

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North Korea and the US have negotiated after months of radio silence for the first time again about nuclear disarmament in the East Asian country. However, the two parties drew a very different picture of the eight-hour-long talks in Stockholm, Sweden: Pyongyang’s negotiator spoke of a failure, and Washington’s foreign ministry of good talks that would continue in two weeks.

The US and North Korea could not put an end to “70 years of war and hostility on the Korean peninsula,” the US State Department said Saturday (local time). To find a solution to the “weighty issues,” both sides needed determination and perseverance. The US accepted the Swedish invitation to renegotiate in two weeks.

North Korean negotiator Kim Myong Gil, on the other hand, did not care much for journalists in Stockholm. “We are disappointed in the US,” he said, according to the Swedish newspaper “Dagens Nyheter”. “The negotiations did not live up to our expectations and were therefore discontinued,” the North Korean said. Now it is up to Washington to resume dialogue, he demanded. There, the ministry merely stated that the North Koreans’ remarks did not “coincide with the content and spirit of the talks.”