Police confirmed : David Schwimmer did not steal a beer


“Friends” star David Schwimmer (51) has denied any involvement in a beer theft in the UK with a witty video.

“Commissars: I swear I was not. As you can see, I was in New York, “tweeted the US actor on Wednesday (local time). He also posted a clip in which he ran with a pallet of canned beer through a supermarket.

The day before, the police in Blackpool, UK, had posted a photo of a security camera showing a man in a similar situation. He was wanted for theft in a restaurant. The perpetrator looks very similar to swimmers, which also attracted many Twitter users.

“Thanks to all for the quick reactions. We did a thorough research and can confirm that David Schwimmer was in America at the time, “the officials wrote. Whether the true beer mugger could be caught in the meantime, the investigators were open.

A similar case had recently occurred in Lower Saxony: There, the police searched by phantom image for a counterfeit fraudster, the Hollywood star and Oscar winner Nicolas Cage (“Leaving Las Vegas”) looked amazingly similar. The police draftsman had actually been inspired by his work.

“The phantom image was made according to a witness who described the alleged perpetrator with the words:” He looked like Nicolas Cage, only younger, “” said the State Office of Criminal Investigation in Hanover on Monday.