Portrait of the “Bachelorette” candidates in 2019: These men want to conquer Gerda Lewis

RTL announced the 20 Bachelorette candidates – and now the station announced a sensation: There is a follower, and one that Bachelorette fans should know only too well: Alexander Hindersmann (30 ), who snatched the last rose from Nadine Klein in the previous Bachelorette season, returns!

After only a few months, the love happiness of Nadine and Alexander was already over. (But not with this ex-bachelorette – she is pregnant by a soap star. ) Now mixes the previous year’s winner, the 20 candidates of the sixth Bachelorette season on. That should not please the Bachelorette candidate – after all , Alexander has a celebrity bonus and also looks outrageously good, as he repeatedly proves on Instagram. The competition fight is open!

These are the 20 “Bachelorette” Candidates 2019 – Some may sound familiar :

  1. Andreas (27): advocate of the old school
  2. Christian (25): Is he “arrogant and overbearing”
  3. Daniel (35): He had to survive a heavy stroke of fate
  4. David (24): A true all-rounder
  5. Fabiano (29): The Italian Romantic
  6. Fabio (29): The Wahl-Munchen loves luxury
  7. Florian (24): “fighting spirit is my middle name”
  8. Harald (35): nature boy and romantic
  9. Jan (27): He is already a father and lives in divorce
  10. Jonas (29): Model with an extraordinary look
  11. Keno (28): The fitness freak knows what women want
  12. Luca (25): The self-confident businessman opens the competition
  13. Marco (26): The reigning Mister Bayern is a true gentleman
  14. Matin (30): Can he convince despite shyness
  15. Mudi (28): The family man hates to be alone
  16. Oggy (27): The beard-bearer is looking for good genetic material 
  17. Sebastian (30): Instagram star with brain
  18. Serkan (26): The student is always in a good mood
  19. Tim (25): policeman with serious intentions
  20. Yannic (22): “I just love all women