Princess Eugenie gets married in Windsor


She is number 9 in the British throne – but felt she is still a bit further behind. Princess Eugenie, 28, marries, like Prince Harry, again a grandchild of the Queen this year.

But Eugenie is always in the shadow of her famous cousins ​​Harry and William and is also not very popular in the UK. No sooner had the wedding planned this Friday announced, it hailed already criticism.

Eugenie wants to give her long-time friend Jack Brooksbank (32) in the St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Far too expensive and pompous, critics railed. Above all the “Daily Mail” etched on Eugenie: “She is not exactly a big star in the firmament of the royal family.” The princess is hungry for glamor and glitter, but for the state “as important as one of the Queen’s corgis” , wrote the tabloid.

In the process, many royals marry in the imposing castle near London – without this being criticized. On May 19, Harry (34), the sixth in the line of succession, and Meghan (37) joined forces. Just like the two, Princess Eugenie and her sweetheart want to have the public at their wedding. A total of 1200 people from the country are invited to the courtyard of the castle. Also a short carriage ride through Windsor is planned.

Who wants to come to the wedding? The guest list will not be published, said a spokeswoman for the Buckingham Palace on request of the German Press Agency. It may be expected but with an illustrious celebrity crowd. The Princess is friends with top models, musicians and the children of entrepreneur and adventurer Richard Branson. Rumor has it that actor George Clooney and singer Robbie Williams are coming. Confirmed is: The blind Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli will sing in the church.

In Britain, the dress of the bride is also tense. Fashion critics have already warned in public: rather simple and elegant instead of conspicuous! Because Eugenie was, as well as her sister Beatrice, already so many fashion faux pas accused. That’s how they both stood out at the wedding of Prince William and Kate for their bizarre hats: Eugenie wore a blue flowered and feathered jewelry, her sister stood out with an oddly shaped hat compared to a pretzel and a moose antler.

Eugenie, who also loves computer games, football and hot dogs alongside her fiancé, is the daughter of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife “Fergie,” the Duchess of York. “Jack is a totally extraordinary young man,” 58-year-old Andrew praised his future son-in-law in a BBC interview.

Brooksbank, a well-off family, worked in bars and was also a manager of a fine disco in London. His elderly grandmother told The Daily Mail that her grandson was charming and kindhearted, but not the smartest. Around a few corners, Princess Eugenie and her future husband are even related.

The two got to know each other in a ski resort in Switzerland. Her love also survived a long-distance relationship, because Eugenie lived in the meantime in New York. Today, the art expert is working again in England and has taken on patronage especially for health organizations. She herself had to undergo spinal surgery at the age of twelve.

According to British media, her father Andrew is annoyed that his two daughters are so overshadowed by Harry and William. Prince Andrew vehemently rejects these allegations.

Two little royals could be eye-catchers: the bridesmaid Princess Charlotte (3) and page boy Prince George (5). The children of Prince William and Duchess Kate (both 36) are known for stealing the show from others.

After the wedding ceremony at 12 noon (CEST), 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth II – briefly called “Granny” by Eugenie – will give the couple and their guests a reception at Windsor Castle.