Rosie O’Donnell announces engagement with girlfriend

Actress Rosie O’Donnell (56, “The Flintstones”) has become engaged to friend Elizabeth Rooney (33). This was announced by O’Donnell on Monday at a 15th Anniversary event organized by her organization “Rosie’s Theater Kids” in New York, according to the US magazine People.

O`Donnell has been officially associated with Elizabeth Rooney since November 2017. On Monday night (local time), the Boston-born cop showed her hand on her Instagram account (called Blue Eyedsoul) with a sparkling ring, a “YES,” a heart, and a ring symbol.

As O’Donnell told the magazine, the couple wants to take their time with the wedding: “This will happen only in the distant future”. Elizabeth and she would have decided it was best for her. Her friend is a “wonderful woman” and very similar to her. O’Donnell gushes, “I keep telling her that I’m too old for her, but that does not seem to interest her.”

The presenter (“Rosie O`Donnells Show”, 1996-2002 on NBC) has a 20-year-old daughter who is currently pregnant, the magazine continues.