Storming of the US embassy in Iraq

The Iran has vehemently denied anything with the riots to have to do at the American Embassy in Baghdad. Donald Trump had previously blamed Iran for the incidents and threatened the consequences. “The US should be careful with these political miscalculations and irrational responses,” Abbas Mousavi said on Tuesday.

Instead of blaming other countries, Mousavi says the US should rethink its “destructive policies” in Iraq. In addition, Americans should accept the fact that Iraqis see them as “occupying powers” in a sovereign state – and that is why they are protesting, Abbas Mousavi said, according to the news agency More.

US send more forces to Strum on US embassy

After the attack on the US embassy in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, the US armed forces send reinforcements to protect diplomats. “We are sending additional forces to support our staff at the embassy,” said Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on Tuesday. At the same time, Esper called on the Iraqi government to live up to its responsibility to protect the embassy. According to US military circles, the deployment of a small number of marines is planned.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the U.S. State Department said that there was no plan to evacuate the embassy in Baghdad . “The US personnel are safe.”