Taylor Swift appears as macho man in new music video

Singer Taylor Swift (30) posted the video for her song “The Man”, which she also directed, on social media.

In it she plays, for example, a macho businessman, an arrogant playboy, an ardent tennis star or a father who can be celebrated as the “World’s Greatest Dad”.

Swift apparently denounces what privileges men enjoy in society. The singer hands out vigorously. In one scene a man sits with legs apart and smoking in a subway compartment, in another he pees on a wall.

In an Instagram message, Swift thanked the contributors, including actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who gave his voice to a character. Her father made his acting debut, Swift went on to explain. He can be seen in the video as a tennis referee. She thanks everyone who would have helped her “become the man I always knew I could be,” Swift noted with a laughing emoji.

Last August Swift released their seventh album “Lover”. “The Man” is one of 18 songs on the album.