Tony Awards: movie stars and greek myths

On Sunday evening, the Tonys will be awarded in New York. The theater price comes without top favorites, but many TV and movie stars are nominated. But some outsiders with a political message could outrank them.

As in Hollywood, so also on Broadway in New York: Just like at the recent Oscars, there are no top favorites in the Tony Awards on Sunday this year either.

Instead, nominations for the world’s most important theater prize are balanced across many different musicals and plays – and a surprising number are politically driven. Instead of putting on Disney spectacles or on the so-called “jukebox musicals” with hits of a pop star, the nomination committee has highlighted many productions related to the era of Trump.

With 14 nominations, the musical “Hadestown” will be the front runner for the prizes awarded by around 830 jurors. The wild mixture of Southern Dixie jazz, folk and soul tells the story of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in the look of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”. A highlight of the show is the song “Why We Build The Wall”. Although the song looks like a direct commentary on the US president and his plans to build a wall to Mexico, it was first published nine years ago.

Hopes for the prize as the best musical revival is “Oklahoma!”. Premiered in 1943, today it is considered the birth of the American musical. The current performance translates the story of a village that drives its outsiders to its deaths with reduced folk music into a crushing prejudice drama.

For a long time, the drama IRA family drama “The Ferryman”, which was taken over from London’s West End, was the favorite for the plays. Recently, however, in the New York theater scene also “What the Constitution Means to Me” much attention, a three-piece piece, in the main actress and author Heidi Schreck on the suppression of women in American society thinks.

The nominee film and TV stars will also cause a stir at the ceremony presented by late-night presenter James Corden at the Radio City Music Hall. Among them are Bryan Cranston for the media drama “Network”, Adam Driver in the love comedy “Burn This” and Jeff Daniels in the literary adaptation “To Kill a Mockingbird”, a staging that, despite great reviews, is surprisingly not was nominated as the best new piece. For the women, Oscar winner Annette Bening hopes to win the Best Actress Award for “All My Sons”.