Trump wants to stop spreading of hair photo – it disproves a rumor

Donald Trump wants this image removed from the Internet,” writes a Reddit user – adding ironically, “Do not share it!”

Whether the US President really has something against the photo, is not out. But the trick worked: Of course, the unfavorable photo was subsequently shared in large numbers and commented on. For example, with the words: “You mean, Trump wants to delete this image from the Internet? Then we would rather not spread it! “

Is Donald Trump calling for the deletion of a photo? 

The image that circulates these days, it has at least in itself: The inclusion in the wind reveals the very thin hair of the 73-year-olds. Biting comments and mocking jokes does not save the network community as usual. Comparisons with the Superman rogue Lex Luthor follow promptly, but are not the nastiest taunts. 

Whether Trump wears only a single, long hair on his head that he wraps around his head asks one. And gets the answer: “Yes, and it was much too tight for years, which explains the brain damage.”

“The hairstyle is actually a representative of a thought-eating alien species. And now it wants to go. Just go away “, another likes the hair standing up. In contrast to such jokes, the comparison with Otto Waalkes looks  harmless.