US extend deployment of soldiers on the border with Mexico

The US government has extended the deployment of its soldiers on the border with Mexico again – this time by eight months to the end of September.┬áThis was announced by the Pentagon on Monday (local time).

Helps especially in mobile surveillance and in the installation of barbed wire between border crossing points. In addition, the reconnaissance from the air at the border will continue to be supported. The deployment, which was due to end on January 31, had been extended until September 30 at the request of the Department of Homeland Security. Most recently, the mission was extended at the end of November.

US President Donald Trump had sent some 5,800 troops to the border because several groups of Central American migrants had headed there. The task of the soldiers is to support the border protection in logistical matters. Do not arrest migrants.

Critics had accused Trump of a campaign maneuver because he had the soldiers sent to the border shortly before the congressional elections in early November. Trump made massive mood in the election campaign. He spoke of a threatening “invasion”, presented the migrants as a great danger and repeatedly claimed that many criminals were among them – without providing any evidence.