Woman finds dead creature in the garden – at first no one knows what it is

A woman had discovered a mysterious carcass in her backyard in the state of Florida. After digesting the first shock of this ghastly find, Kelly Garrahan posted photos of the mysterious creature on the net. 

“That’s what I found in my garden … has anyone ever seen or knows what that could be?”, Kelly wrote to frightening photos on Facebook.

USA: Mysterious find in the garden – what kind of a carcass is that?

This mysterious creature quickly caused fierce discussions on the Internet. “It’s a monster lizard,” a user suggested immediately. Another believed that the uncanny being could be a dog or a monkey. Some Facebook users even joked that it could be a “dried-up alien” or “dried meat” or “it’s a sign that it’s time to move”.  

According to Kelly’s description, the decayed animal was nearly a meter long, with a large muzzle, claws and a thick tail. A conclusive answer Kelly then hoped from a local news channel.

In the end, the environmental agency Kelly could give an answer to the sinister nature. According to one expert, the dead animal should be an opossum.